The human body is colonised with many beneficial microorganisms that actively protect us from invasive microbial pathogens.

Beneficial microorganisms can have this effect by directly combating pathogens or eliciting a protective immune response.

The Marshall Center has specialised programs examining the role of beneficial microbes in the gut with Dr Barry Marshall and Dr Alfred Tay; the role of bacteriophages in fighting bacterial pathogens with Dr Barbara Chang; and the use of beneficial organisms to prevent otitis media with Dr Chris Peacock. We also have trails looking at the use of probiotics in pregnancy with Dr Shailender Mehter and the role of the oral microbiome with Dr Alfred Tay.

Current research projects

Probiotics in pregnancy trial
Dr Shailender Mehter
Interventions in otitis media
Dr Chris Peackock
Bateriophages as intervention strategies
Dr Barbara Chang
The oral microbiome
Dr Alfred Tay